Get Wedded with Chuppahs!

Our new love – Chuppahs!

The chuppah is originally part of a Jewish betrothal ceremony where couples bond matrimonially under a canopy, signifying a new home built together. A traditional chuppah emphasizes on the importance of having the sky right above the canopy which interestingly, if a ceremony is held indoors, efforts would be made to create an opening right above the canopy!

Chuppahs are no longer just a tradition and it has been rapidly adopted by brides from around the world as an important decor feature in their weddings. Not your typical 8-piece wood structure, the magic in chuppahs lie in their simplistic, inelaborate and humble appearance. Raw touches have high appeal especially when brought outdoors and placed against the naturals browns.

Minimal decor – white drapes flowing with the wind. Raw is the new beauty.

Easy to setup and still look gorgeous as a beach decor



For a more elegant feel, put up drapes with an elegant chandelier. Trail white flowers with ivy leaves at the corners just like this:

Up close and an intimate ceremony with all eyes on you, and the chuppah.

Well, lest you worry about it looking too plain for an evening banquet/function. Take a look at what these weddings have done.

Fill those columns with crystal-like decorations

Glow in the dark? It feels like being in a cave and having these natural fluorescence glow around you. Breath-taking.



Dear brides, take away those cliche arches and over-the-top domes (especially bird cages!) and head for a chuppah to get the perfect wedding! Tell us if you love this idea as much as we do at

The Love:Knots team is all set for weddings with chuppahs! *grins


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