Shoot Styling – Cirque de Bonbons!


We chose a whimsical and playful theme for the last shoot, thinking that it ought to be vibrant, reflecting of increasingly popular unconventional trends among couples these days. So we played with bold colours, candies and stripes on this circus-themed dessert table!

Special thanks to Papypress who had this board specially done up for us!

Cirque de Bonbons was meant to be a circus theme with a touch of vintage yet we did not want to compromise on the exuberance colours can bring. We were bold with colours but were exceptionally mindful how they should blend, bring out the best in each colour and not end up with a contrasting mess.

Wouldn’t your heart melt with this eye-candy!

Special thanks to Seventh Heaven for these exciting ice cream flavours (Red Wine, Mango Passion & Bubblegum). Just take a look at that! Fancy a bubblegum flavour icecream?

Popcorn cones designed by Papypress. We had them printed in brown paper just like your olden day popcorn holders!

Rock candies from Sweet Enchantment. The mix of bright orange and yellow truly conducted a medley of candy fun!

Details, details. Details on labels, sweet wraps, boxes, tablecloth, ribbons etc. Dessert tables are all about details! We lavishly toyed with stripes and spots cause afterall, children and ladies are best captured by these little patterns at play.

Toy cupcakes? No! They are for real!

Tiny swirl lollies from Sweet Enchantment

Last but not least, this toy tent with yellow/blue polka dots and a yellow flag to top it off! We love this magnificent cake by Crummb!

The last piece of this season’s shoot. We welcome our fans to contribute thematic ideas that they wish to see materialize! Just send us a moodboard or a description of your idea to and we will reply you in the quickest time possible!

In the meantime, do be patient with us on the next season of shoot-styling!


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