Pink Blooms for the New Year!

What other lovely ways to usher in the lunar new year than with pink blooms? We are huge fanatics of peonies and there’s no other better time to bring in large pink peonies than springtime. In addition, we explore how cherry blossoms could bring an elegant touch to your wedding this season.



It isn’t just the pink we are raving about, but these big blooms of peonies do look fluffy and soft all at the same time. If we could choose, we would love to use them for every wedding.

See how they bloom oh-so-brightly above this silver polished pewter vase! A fantastic centrepiece idea your guests might even steal after the wedding.

Go fuchsia and mix it with tiny little pink flowers. A huge bloom brings in a traditional touch or have a good mix with a minimalist vase and keep your table setting neat and pleasing to the eye.

You could opt to keep it simple like this hand-tied arrangement. You can keep frills like ribbons and pearls off cause these peonies are awesomely gorgeous on its own!

Use these little pots of light pink peonies as table listings or table numbers. Their pale beauty stands out so much under the sunlight! Great for a garden tea party.

A simple two tier tall cake with a huge bloom of baby pink peony. Simple and a statement on its own. That’s the kind of wedding cakes we adore.

And now, to the cherry blossoms! Won’t anyone just fall in love under these huge trees of cherry blossoms planted everywhere in this sunny green plain? Complete the look with baby pink tables and white tiffany chairs! Even boys would wow at this reception.

Get infatuated with this centrepiece arrangement of cherry blossoms! Mix it with big blooms (like peonies!) and fill up your tablescape with ideas like cherry blossom cutouts as placecards and organza overlay for a softer touch.

Anyone fancy a cherry blossom pastry like this? We’ll ask for two!

We’ve seen tons of cherry blossoms themed wedding cakes and they all look passe to us. But these cherry blossom cake pops are the first of its kind that we have ever seen. Seriously, too delicate for consumption!

And now, to end it all off with this pristine bouquet – a grand bunch of peonies and cherry blossoms!




If you have other fantastic ideas of peonies and cherry blossoms to be used at a wedding, feel free to email us at Have a great celebration this new year!


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