Plating Ideas for Christmas

It’s the time of the year that it is absolutely forgivable to go a little more extravagant on all things pretty, nice and exquisite! So we boldly did some research on some interesting plate-styling ideas that might whet your appetite, put you in the right ambience and mood just before that great turkey meal with your loved ones. Too pleasing to the eye that your guests will really be impressed with that little magic touch on those plates!

ImageImageA splendid setup of a country idyllic themed Christmas – complete with luscious hydrangea napkin bands and flower balls for an escort card holder.


A little knit sock as a cutlery holder for every plating is just pretty heartwarming and great for a simple festive favour.


With bold coloured napkins, gathered at the centre with some velvet red christmas holly plants or small pointsettia flowers, the dining table would be smelling fresh and seasonal before food is served!

ImageHow about a playful stuff toy candy cane with matching striped napkin bands for a family with kids and all who can’t resist turning young at heart this time of the year?

ImageWe like this simple idea very much. A stripey table mat coupled with red and white plates. Just a simple strand of pine strapped with a piece of thin satin red ribbon already is sufficient to doll up that table.


Our top favourite! We love how this elegant and bright piece of gold-plated faux pine piece with glistering fruit berries shine on a matte piece of napkin fold against pure white porcelain plates. Nothing too fussy with real flowers, just sequined Christmas ball decorations and all things olive & gold.


Little favour ideas – a simple kraft box with tiny Christmas trees painted on bundled up with a red/white striped twine. A simple Do-It-Yourself.

ImageEven simpler, a thick satin gold bind across the entire plate set against a bold coloured napkin looks rich and pleasing to the eye. Try maroon red or midnight blue napkins for yet another style.

ImageWe like how this setting could be so homey on a Boxing Day morning – complete with home-baked cookies and pies with little kraft boxes for a after-meal surprise. Affordable decor pieces like cinnamon sticks and cloth ribbons is good enough to transform that common looking checkered napkin. Add on a stuffed knitted Christmas tree, a sock, a reindeer or even Santa’s face!


Last of all, we thought this simple setup speaks volume. Grab a simple decor piece that’s raw and presentable to top up the whole look. Have a little star on top of this miniature pine tree with names of your guests and they could bring it home and place it on their mantelpiece Christmas after Christmas.

Have fun trying out these table styling ideas!

Love. The Love:Knots Team.


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