Words, Hands, Hearts – Milan & Jackie

Our time with Milan & Jackie was really fun. Wherever they were, they were always able to lighten the mood with a couple of beers! Milan & Jackie were most generous in their review to us. Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you to the best of our abilities!


“We started out 5 months before the wedding knowing what we wanted (after a few fights) and thinking we could manage everything on our own (mostly me, Milan wanted to engage a planner from the start).

How hard could it be! Just 200 guests, no formalities, no morning sessions, only a casual party, piece of cake! why pay someone to do what I could?

Boy I was wrong. The more we went into it, the more the to-do list grew all the way up to just before the wedding itself! To add to the pain, vendors were not easy to find. Those I could find were difficult to talk to, being either irresponsive or not willing to do what we needed them to. I started wishing I had opted for a hotel or a restaurant dinner instead. Friends offered a hand but I didn’t want to transfer the stress to them, plus things could get unpretty if I unleashed the bridezilla on them.

2 months before the wedding, I had only half of the vendors engaged, we both were snowed over with work and it dawned on me that I would have to take unpaid leave to organize the wedding. Panic set in, I caved in and contacted a few planners.

Entered Shan Shan, who stood out from the rest by far. She has a knack of knowing and understanding our personalities and what we wanted. Her suggestions were spot-on and she was extremely patient with bridezilla me. most of all, Shan Shan has great initiative.

The moment we handed things over to Shan Shan, a load was taken off our shoulder. No one believed me when I said I wasn’t stressed out and didn’t have to do much a month before the wedding. I even made two business trips the two weeks before the wedding and had peace of mind to fully concentrate on work. We worked right up to the day before the wedding and spent whatever free time we had with family that had arrived. Couldn’t have happened without Shan Shan, who did everything we needed to do, presented us with all the info we needed to make decisions, and when we sat on our ass, gently nudged us to make timely decisions and payment. The day before the wedding I realized I needed children cutlery, and because no vendors could provide that, my hero Shan Shan found time to go shopping in between making our table number markers and supervising the tentage and lighting set up. All that while we were at home having a family barbeque and getting drunk.

On the day itself, I sat patiently waiting to make my appearance. It started drizzling a bit but I wasn’t worried, Shan Shan had already showed me the wet weather plan. When it was time, I called Shan Shan who coordinated music, MC, helpers and bubble blowers. Everything was perfect when I rode my buggy to the lawn. It was my first time seeing it and I was so chuffed, I couldn’t have done it any better myself. When the party was over we left and that was it, Shan Shan took care of the tear-down and vendor payment the next day while we slept off our hangovers and received messages from friends telling us what a blast they had.

Weddings are supposed to be stressful. They really don’t have to be! It is possible to have fun at your own wedding if you have the right people taking care of it for you – we strongly recommend Shan Shan and Love:knots.”


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