The Wedding Planner’s Diary #1

Well, this is going to be one of the most informal post we are releasing out ever since we were out in the market for the last three years, but hey, we thought it would be much more interesting to know what the mind of a wedding planner is really going through, and what magic is needed to work out a fine wedding right? The double bonus is that, I’m getting married as well so I might be creating a best seller here if I could relate what most brides think and at the same time what the observations of a wedding planner!

It’s like the movie, Vantage Point. We all want and need different perspectives sometimes and it takes someone who happen to be wearing two hats at the same time to qualify all of these perspectives. Now, to fulfill my need as a bride to document all of this journey and to fulfill the needs of my audience to want to know the secrets of the wedding industry, I’ve decided to start a little informal diary for your leisure, that you may read, laugh, contemplate and perhaps throw in your thoughts as well. After all, we are all just brides to be and we need all the support available right?

Let’s start off with the 2, million-dollar questions I have heard all my time as a wedding planner:

“Are you planning your own wedding or are you hiring a wedding planner?”

I do not know why this is such an intriguing question that people needed to know my answer. Like they were testing my professional ethics. If I stuck by my advocate that the bride should never be having stress over her own wedding, or the question of my ability to plan my own wedding as a wedding planner. It disturbed me for a while, really.

As a planner, it is important that we understand what our clients really want and need. And that includes understanding all of the things that they do not want, want but don’t need, need but don’t want, what others need and they don’t want and all the other permutations you can think of. It is a complicated mind boggling role cause you represent and work for your client but sometimes, we have to be assertive to tell our clients what really is good for them. Brides don’t really, all the time, know what is the best way out and you have to tell them the harsh opinion, hoping they can untangle their emotional knots in their minds. This is a role that is extremely paramount for a couple. And well for the most part of it, hiring a planner really is to get someone else to do what you can’t do on that day itself. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be at the sound console tuning on the volume, managing your montage, speaking to restaurant managers, checking your watch etc. I can’t emphasize more how important it is to hire someone on a professional level who can understand you, be a friend and still advise you professionally. At the bottom line, it’s a business relationship, and the bonus, a friendship in development.

That being said, I, bearing this double identity, cannot trust anyone other than myself to do the job. It’s not narcissistic but really, we are perfectionistic people. We are in control of everything, our minds spinning faster than your icore7 processor cause if we are not on our toes, things just happen and pass our eyes. We need to remember details, think of steps farther ahead than the time now and next. We think we know best and it is really pretty difficult to find like minded people ya? So how could I think of hiring anyone other than myself?

Down side of it, I can’t really have that clear, analytical mind to sort out decisions after decisions like I used to do for my brides. But
I am exceptionally thankful because I have a team of capable assistants, my ex-brides, experienced planners, business partners, an 18year friend since my primary school days (all of whom I regards my bosom friends) all congregating to be a big part of my journey as a bride. I only hope and twist all my fingers that I will never turn Bridezilla on any of them.

Girls are always girls. We found our men, but we still need our ladies. Because only ladies get it. They understand the emotional bits about every decision, and they give you wise perspectives all the time! Like even though I’ve said these word a million times to my brides, I needed my girlfriend to remind me things like, the marriage is more important than the wedding, that I’ve gone through it so many times, just enjoy the process blah blah. So I can’t be grateful enough to have all my greatest girlfriends with me, especially they were the ones who stuck on with me through ups and downs of life.

Still, I have to thank the man who is making all these come true, the person who is willing and eager to take this on like a joint project and to want to walk the rest of the journey with me. Nothing means more than knowing that you have all the bestest people with you when you need it the most. 🙂

Till the next post!


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