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Hello guys, apologies for the really late writeup! I have just gotten married recently and I figured what’s better than to share real time experience myself as a bride after going through all of it! (Actually, it’s simply too difficult to document every bit of it when things are constantly evolving!)

I’ve also decided to turn Love:Knots into a community instead of a planning firm to share with everyone all the knowledge and details that a couple may need in the midst of planning their big day – yes, for free! I’ve joined my husband at his business a long while ago and since I’ve all the experience, I shan’t be selfish but thought, it would be really nice if brides to be, old brides, grooms and all could feel free to just come by, drop a question, find answers and opinions here. It would be nice to get all of that warm support wouldn’t it?

So feel free, share with your friends and get them to be a part of this community. You would find some information here useful somehow, planning an event, advising someone heading towards their big day, or even if you just plainly love beautiful things just as I do!



Ex-planner 🙂


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